Our Vision

我们的愿景是成为该地区领先的猎头,招聘和咨询公司。 我们的管理层的重点是持续发展成功和满意的员工,从而创造成功和满意的客户。 我们基于相关战略,合格的工作人员,有效的工作流程和成熟的信息技术系统取得成功。


Manfield是一家专业的Headhunting,招聘和咨询公司,自1995年首次在新加坡成立,自2005年以来,我们也扩展了我们在中国大陆的业务。Manfield的顾问拥有专业的行业的深厚的知识和专业知识。有超过100,000个独特的个人资料 在我们的数据库中,我们的专业团队不断地来源,面试和入围理想的组织人员,并有热情提供有效的人力资本解决方案。 我们热情服务于我们最好的能力。 我们坚持专业价值观,并为我们的客户树立信心,包括与他们建立长期的业务关系。

Our History


  • Singapore operations revamped its internal structures as well as business focus. – 2010
  • Singapore operations made its debut in Oil and Gas industry while maintaining its base in logistics and semiconductors.
  • Successfully implemented an internally IT system.  – 2012
  • Shanghai operations consolidated its business focus into serving automotives, chemical and engineering companies in Shanghai and other cities. – 2013
  • Combined staff strength of more than 50.


  • Singapore operations had its foray into executive search services. – 2005
    Explored IT system to help manage profiles.
  • Started Manfield Consultancy Services in Shanghai catering to emerging businesses in China. – 2005
  • First few batches of new hire from Shanghai were sent to Singapore for six months training.
  • Our foreign workers services brought in first batch of Vietnamese talents. –  2006
  • Expanded staff strength to 30.


  • Our foreign workers services extended to other industries such as precision engineering and logistics.
  • Expanded the team in general placement services. – 2000
  • The service focus was mainly office workers and technical personnel in the manufacturing sector.
  • Expanded staff strength to 15.


  • Incorporation of business. – 1995
  • Obtained special permit to recruit workers from the People’s Republic of China. – 1995
  • Clienteles were mainly electronics and semiconductor manufacturers.
  • Source of workers soon included India, Philippines and others
  • Started general placement services. – 1998
  • Started with mass recruitment of production operators from Malaysia for semiconductor companies.
  • Founded in 1992 as a one man labour supplier.